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I've been searching online and haven't seen any... how rare is it to have a colony of yellow sun corals with black sun corals mixed in?


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Wouldn't say rare, since they are common corals, but difficult to locate the two on the same piece of rock. Multiple color variations of tubastrea (orange and yellow) come in all the time either naturally grown that way or glued by the vendor (more likely way you will find the black suns mixed with orange this way). Might want to give either Phishy Business or Aquatic Technologies a call since combinations you are looking for have come through their doors every so often.



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I usually see orange/yellow mixed together often, not so much with black although I did see a rock for sale with all three colors, too big for my nano or I'd have bought it.


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its just a matter of the vendor gluing the colors together like Mike said... so I'd say about as rare as black sun corals which aren't really that rare these days