RBTA for sale


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3 RBTA for sale in central NJ. $50 each.

dude, i live like 3 blocks from you!

man, i'd love one of those, but im broke. :( wonna trade something?

i dont have corals to trade, tank is few with few tiny zoa frags in it. I have a skimmer i dont need :)
Just bought one saturday and it is thriving and walking all over the tank. I think its found a home now . Still moving slightly, it likes the power jet.. Most importantly my yellow striped maroon clown hosted the anemone in 5 mins lives of it being in my tank. It was unbelievably fast. I can take pictures if anyone wants to see.
just picked up another rose from Charlie. it looks great, clown was all over it in less then 5 mins. Thank you Charlie, very nice to meet you.


my success story ended up a nightmare. Nothing against Charlie of course. But I don't know what happened.

I get home, i see the anemone ripped in two parts, stock in the sump area of my nano tank. I dont understand how it ended up there. And there is no suction to the sump area, simple overflow with a skimmer in it.

Question, can i still save it?!!!
One part looked very very bad. The other part seems to still move a round a little bit, I moved it out of the sump back into the main tank.
Clown keeps bothering it, what should I do?

It does look like it split or something, cause the part that looks better has a mouth.

Guys, please please help me save it!

Thank you in advance.
volk23 - post this separately as most people will not look at this thread unless they are interested in buying an RBTA.

In addition you could try the clown & anemone forum...though be warned - sometimes the folks over there can be a little, say over-instructive.

As in you ask for advice but get a lesson...:rolleyes: I don't mean that in a nice way either. If there's a tang police then there's the anemone police I guess.

But I can state that if you're worried the clown is antagonizing it, you could temporarily cover the anemone with a clear plastic bottle (with holes of course for flow...something big enough it can expand but also not be nipped by the clown. What kind of clown btw?
intrested how big i live in Mount Laurel which is about an hour and 15 away would you ship from this close