RBTA's and Zoa's


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Yes it will i learned the hard way.....when i first started out i didnt ask questions if i liked it i bought it. RBTA killed 3 mini colonies on me that i had.


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Whether or not the tips of the RBTA touches the zoa's, the overall shade it casts might cut them a little short.


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Do you think they would do better against a frogspawn or Acan?

I might have to sell off some frags, I reaquascaped and I am out of room.


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Yes the RBTA will damage zoas. I purchased a colony of AoG and the previous owner let me know that there were many more polyps but it was too close to an RBTA. Needless to say the colony is now smaller but doing well in my prop tank. I have close to 30 polyps so who knows how large the colony was originally.


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My GBTA decided to move onto one of my nice paly/zoo colonies and of course that was just the perfect spot for him. I waited a couple days to see if he would move again or not, but he just sat there. I ended up having to move him by tearing his foot off the zoos rock, but all of the zoos lived and look great still. the ones he wasn't sitting on were still opening when he was on the rock.


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you will find that many things in this hobby are much more tolerant of each other when allowed to grow together, rather than be placed near each other to grow.

that said, Ive only had one nem in this hobby and it is a condy..........I have had it and its clowns for many years and I have polyps amongst other corals that are within its reach and get touched by its "deadly" arms every day. I dont think they like it but it doesnt seem kill the things that have slowly encroached its territory wheras anything placed within its reach is of course toast. It very well may be not so much that the coral can take it, as it is the condy doesnt feel threatened by something new....dont know