Reccomendations for a RO DI unit


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I am looking for an inexpensive one since I only have a 24 gallon tank.......
I tested my water today and my phosphates are high ~ sigh~


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Some of the reviews in the PurelyH20 sponsor forum complain abut bad customer service, but I haven't had a lick of a problem. They even called me on a sunday aftern I bought it to make sure everything went alright. Their store is on South Nova Rd, next to a LFS. It takes abour 3-4 days for them to make your unit, if you would like number, look under the thread local pickup in the purelyh20 sponsor forum.

Also the cheap unit at aquatics eco is sitting on the counter there, may need to call and ask them the specifics on it. It was like a 50g per day for 59$.


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There are two companies on ebay that sells them pretty cheap. The one I have is by Aquasafe and the other company is the water general.


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I have two units by AquaSafe Systems that I got off ebay. They are great systems IMO. They sell large systems too, their web site is aquasafecanada . com.

My tds numbers...
tap water = 180 to 200
after RO membrane = 2 to 5 (number is lower after it runs through a couple of gallons, typical of RO stage)
after DI resin = 0


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i got one from a online store on ebay for 99.00 - it is a american general and its either 5 or 6 stages - it has two di chambers and all the stages have see threw bottles so you can see when filters are dirty - i am not saying its the best - but i have it and havent had much problems with it - also i hear you were saying good stuff about us on the pic post - thank you


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Water General has always done me right and are as cheap as I've seen them. Same quality of the brand names that charge you twice the amount. The guy that sells them on ebay is filterdirect. Awesome prices and great quality(my first one held up for over two years and was still in almost perfect shape when I sold it). My new one is working like a charm...