Red slime and green hair algae question


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Hey reefers!

I run a mixed reef with a bunch of sps, lps, clams, all the fun stuff. Lately, I have developed a lot of green hair algae and also red slime on my rocks but not sand. It's not the bubble red slime. It's more like a blanket and eventually it tears and is long and stringy. It has started covering and killing frags and also the green hair is definitely irritating my sps and I need to get it under control.

Phosphate =.006
Nitrate = .2
Alk = 8.12dkh
Cal = 405
Mag = 1360

My ph has been dropping significantly at night but it stays between 7.85 and 8.2 daily.

For the most part my corals seem fine and healthy. Not as colorful as it has been but no deaths caused by anything other than algae takeover.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Cyanobacteria... Thousands of posts about it..
Siphon it then 3 days lights out..then siphon again...repeat every 2 weeks until gone...

Chemiclean/red slime remover for a chemical attack..

Increase nutrient levels some..