Reef exotics

Briney Dave

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after not having a good time with another company in trying to get a lighting system for my 240 I turned to Reef Exotics out of NY

not only did they have the system I wanted in stock, they got it to me faster than promised.

Well done and a big thank you to a company that is on top of customer service!!!!

I went with their retro kits that got me three 400 watt dimable ballasts, three great German 95% reflective reflectors and three 12K reeflux bulbs for much less than I was going to spend on the premade kits. I still have to made a hood but have some help and good plans and so all is well that ends well.

Their prices and service are great!

BTW: the company that I had trouble with contacted me again and got me my check very quickly. I really think it was just a bad luck deal and not representitive of them.