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Hey all,

I am thinking about moving my new skimmer to where my return pump currently sits in my sump. This would leave me with an open area in my main sump, about 18"x12". I want some kind of simple light to put over it that would work well for growing some macro algae, to compete with my hair algae in the display.

The other thing that I am considering is adding the macro to the display. I don't have any grazing fish, so it shouldn't get eaten (save for maybe an angelfish who might nibble). Of course I wouldn't have to buy a new light, but then I would also have to be quite fond of the new macro in terms of appearances.

What would you guys do?

If you put the skimmer close to your pump, you will probably get microbubbles in your display. Use baffles if possible. Red gracillara (sp?) looks great in a display, as well as a few others I have seen but don't use caulerpa, and keep them on their own rocks.
I would be careful with macro in your display, it can get out of hand. For the sump I would get a nice ball of Cheato in there if you can. Of course you will also need to get a good sump light as well.
The skimmer is the EV150 from aquac. They say say virtually no bubbles, so we'll see how that goes.

I would be a bit worried about having a macro get out of control in my display.

If it goes in my sump instead, what kind of lights should I look consider? My main concerns are heat and power consumption. Any ideas?

Thanks for the input,
You dont need anythign special for a sump light man. Just get a large flourescent bulb that has a yellowish tint and a bell shaped shop light reflector and your all set. Get the highest watt one you can find. Even the high watt ones are only like 30-40w and produce the same amount as about 200w of incondescent.

Total cost is about $10-$15 TOPS
I was looking at those too. Is a 5K rating OK? I might just head to the hardware store and see what I can find. I also assume that I can grab a socket, wires, and a swtich to wire the thing to an outlet?
maybe go to one of the big boxes and look at their
work light selection. They make them in compact
fluourescent styles now and you could probably find
something that would just clamp on somewhere.

disclaimer - usually don't know what I'm talking about.
Im not reallyt talking about the hand held ones. They make those silver bell shaped ones with a clip on them. You just find a high watt flourescent bulb and put it in there. It has a switch on it. Just plug it in and your done. You dont need wireing and all that jazz. They sell them at Walmart too...
Walmart is the place to go. 5 for the reflector and socket. 8 for the bulb. Cheapest think I ever did that made a difference