Resignation as VP of the FMAS Club


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It is with mixed feelings and regret that I must formally announce my resignation as VP of the FMAS Club. A fantastic business opportunity has fallen into my lap and will have me traveling extensively out of town. This will leave me little or no time to dedicate to the Club and the position that I have accepted. As many of you know the passion I have for this hobby and FMAS, it was a very hard for me to make this decision. I have already spoken with Herman and the rest of the board of directors and will do my best to make the transition as simple as possible.
I have also made the decision to break down my tank as well due to the time I think I will spending away. Of coarse you all know me, this is just the excuse I need to go bigger and better when all things settle down. As time allows I will certainly still be attending meetings, as well as staying in touch with what’s going on with all of you. Please feel free to email me and keep me updated with what’s going on. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

Joseph Shulman

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wow, sorry to hear the bad news, ive always admired your tank from the pics youve posted hear and in your build, and i hoped to see it one day in person as well. hopefully this opportunity will give you the chance to make it better in the future. Good luck


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Actually, we fired Joe cause he can't spell FMAS. :D
Seriously, best of luck in your endeavors Joe. You are one of the first guys I met in the club. You greeted me warmly and I consider you a friend. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.


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I got to see the tank before u brake it down and ahoyhoy239 bro is not a bad news he got a better job less time but more green$$$$$$$$$ so is not bad ;) ok now wen the selling begins :)


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Best of Luck Joe....Keep in touch and we look foward to seeing you with a bigger tank soon!! If you need any help with anything, let me know. We'll miss ya around here!!


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wow that sux .... outta everyones tank yours is the top one on my list of tanks id like to see in person


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Sorry to see ya go Joe
Thanks for all your hard work with the club and board. Was nice to know you
PS...the future hold bigger and better things....good luck


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Give me a call in the am. I should be on the road about 9:30. I don't have your number, I think.



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Congratulations, Joe, on the great opportunity.
He's wishing you success and happiness.

The club is really experiencing an asset loss with your leaving... and my fish are going to miss your special food mix.
I've been promising them a bag from your next batch too. Now you're going to have to send me your recipe or they'll never forgive me.

Thanks again for the warm welcome and all the knowledge/coral/advice you shared when I first joined the club.
You'll be missed.


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You are the guy responsible for my wife and I joining the club. I remember when you approached us at CRF and invited us to join the club and then to your house to see your tank.

I thank you for the help that you have provided me in the early days and for exposing us the a great group of people at the FMAS. I hope that everything goes well and your plans work out for the best.

Keep in touch!

Carlos and Patty