Retrofitting Eclipse


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I would like to retroft my Eclipse 3 system with new lights. I want to try to get at least 90 watts so i can do some corals. It is 29 gallon and 30". I know that there is a retrofit made for eclipse but it is only 65 watts. any ideas.
If there is another thread talking about this please let me know. (the search is not working)
Thank you very much


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I have done this before. Make sure to drill some holes in the top of the area that open for lights and buy the coralife retrofit kit. It is actually 2X 65, so you have plenty light for zoos and softies. has them. If you are confused and need help, IM me and I will walk you through it.



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I also have an 29 Gal Eclipse and looking for some better lighting options for my unit. I like the unit from hellolights with the 2x65 but not sure if it will fit in my hood with out replacing the whole filter system.