Reviving Dead/Live Rock


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I am taking down a 90 - 120 gallon (depending on how you look at it) reef tank and starting up a new one. I have some plant life/algae that is out of control on some of my live rocks, so I am killing them. I have fought this stuff for over 6 years.

My new tank will be about 30 gallons with another 30 - 50 gallons in sumps and a refugium. I will be able to keep the water pure with the smaller display tank. I do NOT want to introduce any of the bad species into my new tank, so I plan to remove the good live stuff, dry the rocks out, pressure wash them, and allow them to cure in the sun. Then, I plan to bring them back to life as I start the new tank. I may seed them with one, pure live rock from a reliable source.

Anyone ever do this? Lessons learned?