RO Auto Shut Off Question


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Hi All, I am just getting ready to finish up my salt water mixing station and have a couple quick questions about automatic shutoff for my rodi system. The unit I have has the ASOV installed, but I don't believe it has a check valve. I have purchased one but am not 100% sure where to install it. I think it's supposed to go in the good water out line of the RO membrane, before the ASOV, can you guys confirm this?

Next question, will having the RODI unit mounted below the storage container affect out put at all?

Next, is there an advantage to having the di stage mounted vertically as opposed to horizontally? The unit I bought from my lfs has the di canister lying horizontally on top of the membrane, any reason to change this?



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pics help and that top canister is more than likely your membrane and the output of the unit will not be effected by the placement below the container