rodi plumbing question


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ok so my rodi is in the garage and my fish room is like 30 feet away and i'm tired of carrying five gallon buckets to my fish room. I was wondering if anyone thinks there would be a problem with snaking the ouput up about 6 feet into the attic then across and down into the fish room.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I did it, but I ran it under the house in the crawlspace about 20ft. You may notice a drop in output, but you can always get a booster pump. In my case I used brackets to suspend the hose to the floor joists so varmints would be less likely to gnaw at it...
yeah i wasn't going to hook it to the tank directly. I made a water change station out of an old scratched tank i had around. I mix the water in here then remove water from my tank and open the ball valve. So i would use the ro to fill this.