Safe epoxy?


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thats exactly the project I am doing right now.

I just finished trimming all the foam back and I am about to apply the West systems 105 epoxy resin and crushed coral. I hope it doesn't take too long....


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thats a kit that comes with metering pumps, which are a good idea to have. getting the correct ratio is very important for getting epoxy to cure properly. If the mix is not correct it can prevent the epoxy from curing fully and could potentially leach chemicals back into the water.

that is for 1.2 gallons which is probably more than you need for a single marco rock foam project. they sell the epoxy and hardener in smaller quantities, and the pumps for pretty cheap.



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doh anything cheaper? I'm kinda low on funds hence the foam & macro rock.( I got the rock for 0.35$ a lb)


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well home depot has a product that is an epoxy resin over by the varnishes section.

I don't recall the name of the product, but on the label is a claim "60 times the thickness of a coat of varnish!"

It is a resin and hardener, and I think it sells for 20 bucks or so for a quart maybe??

I've used it before but not for in tank use. Not sure if its fish safe.