Salinity questions


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Hey guys just added a small amount of salt to the tank. I plan on having a full reef system with sps and lps corals. What is the optimal salinity for this setup?


Reef Monkey
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I'd recommend checking out the Reef Chemistry forum. There's an article somewhere in the stickies that will give you normal parameters for your tank (salinity, PH, temperature, etc.)

Also, if I'm misunderstanding or if you're doing it only because there's nothing else in the tank, disregard, but you really don't want to add salt directly to your tank. If you need to raise your salinity, generally the best way is to allow evaporation to do it for you, and instead of topping off with fresh water, use salt water. A quicker method is to add higher salinity water, but about the only time I'd add pure salt to a tank is if there's no rock, sand or anything living in the tank, and you're basically just using it as a vessel for mixing.