Selling 24G All In One Setup $300


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Hi Everyone i am selling my setup, is still up and running.
I am upgrading and consolidating small tanks.

Asking $300 or Best Offer
Location: San Francisco

Equipment included:

- Aquatop Eco 24 All In One plug and play
- Come with Black Stand
- Stock Skimmer
- Stock Return Pump
- 50W Heater
- Zetlight Aqua Series Led
- powerhead
- Floss and Sponge
- Chaeto (Chamber 1)
- Chemi pure elite (Chamber 2)
- Bio rings (Chamber 3)
- will includes live rocks and sands
- also come with 2 large Damsel
- also some random coral frags
- comes with BRS DIY top screen kit
- and some random extra stuff

Couple damage I want to point out, read before buying.

*Bottom back left corner has a small chipped. It won't notice it if you put tank against the wall. Also it does not affect infrastructure of the tank or causing any leaks. I been running it for half an year with this chip and no problem. *

*Small plastic Crack between the main display and back chamber. It has been reseal but does show cosmetic imperfections.*

Please reconsider these two problems before buying if you are worried. PM me if you have questions.

Thank You for reading


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