Set up feed-back


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Hi there,

I am sorry to add to the very long list of set-up feed-back post, but I'd really value your input on the one I am currently planning:
- DP: 65gal, with drilled overflow + 55lbs of LR
- 3 powerheads
- Sump: 40gal, sock filter, then Skimmer, heater 250W and return pump to the main tank
- Lighting : Aquailluminaion 36" (I know it is expensive, but I need to control heat and would like to have an environmental solution with lower energy consumption that MH
- The set-up is to be housed in a large closet with a bathroom fan exhaust and humidistat

I plan of keeping Ocelaris + Neon goby + Royall Gramma as fish. Invert: BTA and Corals (on the long run).

Should I had a refugium in the sump or would that set-up be enough?
(My goal on the long term is mostly to have clone of the BTA and ad some corals + possibly breed the clowns.)


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1-2 lbs of live rock per gallon is normally whats recommended. You may need a little more than 55 lbs. I would deff incorporate a refugium if you have the room. It will help with nitrients and it is a safe place for pods to reproduce.
i dont know much about that light but everything else sounds good. before getting into clown breeding do alot of research.


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You have the space, so yes, I would run a refugium. In the long run, it will not only reduce your nitrates but improve your water chemistry overall. I run my refugium lights 24/7, but if you opt for 12 hours, run the lights opposite the hours you run your DT lights. This will help stabilize your PH which drops when the lights go out and even out the temperature swings.