Setting up an Octo Tank


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I just got a 29 Gallon tank and was think about setting up an octopus Tank. I was wondering what kinda equipment I need?

heres what I was Planning on Having:

Aquaclear Power Filter for Carbon and Basic Filtration.

Prizm Skimmer

Regular lighting (20 Watts)

4" Southdown Sandbed

I will also be building my own acyrlic top with small latches to keep the top down.

If anybody has any other suggestions or things that I should get or not get.


29 gallons is the absolute minimum size suitable for keeping an octopus, if you can go bigger that would be better!

Otherwise, you are going to need some extra filtration. The 4" BSD wont cut it with an octo and it will constantly be disturbing the sand. You will need something a bit more heavy duty, like an external power filter or a sump with a trickle filter/refugium and put the DSB in there.

The Prizm skimmer should be okay. But expect it to have to work hard everyday, especially if your octo inks in its tank!

There is a lot of good info regarding setting up octo tanks on the site. If you can spare the time to read back posts, there have been many questions and innovative ideas for keeping cephs discussed.

Hope this helps