shrimp ID please and is it reef safe??


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I bought this shrimp from the LFS and was told it was reef safe. I would like to get a proper ID on it though and get some other opinions as to whether it is reef safe or not. It seems to be nocturnal, I observed it last night (when I took the pic) hanging out in the sand bed near corals and clams cleaning up and eat scraps. The picture is an accurate image of what it really appears like in the tank. Greenish mottled body with a redish tail.<img src=>

What type of shrimp is this? Is it reef safe? If not any good tips on trapping him?



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It's a Saron shrimp. Aka Monkey Shrimp.

No it is not reef safe.
They will eat corals, other inverts, and even fish.

Use a fish trap with food in it and do resaerch next time.
Take the Marine Invertabrate Pocket Guide into the stores with you just to double check on the info they give you.


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Thanks for the ID and the tip on the Invert book. I will definitely get it and never trust the LFS guy again.

Got the shrimp out no problem! So lucky my wife spotted it on the very top rock when I was feeding my fish so I picked that rock up gently and raised it up putting the net below and netting the shrimp.
Lucky catch! I had visions of this monster shredding through all my corals overnight...
Too bad though its a cool shrimp.