'Simmering' Rotifers


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I had a pair of occelaris clowns spawning regularly and now for some reason have gone on strike.
I have 2x 30lt continuous rotifer cultures that I have been feeding with Instant Algae and was wondering what would be the best way to put them on 'simmer' now that I dont need so many rotifers.

Any help would be appreciated.
Just feed once a day a squirt of IA.Easier to keep than under full production.
This is a good time to start new cultures though,one at a time.
You never know when your fish will be back from their holiday so I would feed the excess rots to your reef tank once or twice a week after lights out. Luis's idea of starting a new culture is a good one too. That way when your pair are ready, so are you.
You can also reduce the volume while you are waiting for a spawn. After the spawn appears you can expand the volume each day to get to the right amount by the time they hatch.