Size of return pipe from sump....


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I have a 75 gal with a 20 gal long sump. I built the DIY PVC overflow out of 1" PVC. My pump is a mag 7 that is traveling a little under 4ft up return to tank giving me about 425 max on return gph. My question is if it would be beneficial to make a second 1" PVC overflow on the opposite side of the tank. my thoughts are that this would be a backup in case 1 plugged, and also help with filtration from both sides of tank. My other question is what size should I make the return pipe? is it ok to make it 1/2" since that is the size coming out of the pump? I plan on adding a 1/2" flow accelerator on the end of the return. I have 2 koralia 1050 power heads also. any suggestions or thoughts would b helpful.


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Two is always better, but one is fine. DIY overflow sounds dangerous though. Might want to consider two for peace of mind.