Smithii ?


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This is my first post here. Though I have been reading for a few months. Thanks for all of the great info!

Just picked this guy up today. Horrible pics. Only have my iPhone (sorry) I'll try to get better ones soon.
So what do ya think it is?

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
hard to tell from the pictures. how big is his? what color meral spots? were did he come from? was he a hitch hiker?
Yeah the pics are pretty bad. I'll work on that. He is probably 3" give or take. Came from a LFS. They labeled it a peacock. This I know it isn't. The meral spots look bluish (maybe purple?).
Thanks for the response.
Hmmmm, not sure that I've noticed any bumps. I'll try to look when he comes out of hiding.

Bumps = Chiagra?
OK I got a better look at him this AM. It looks like the meral spots are actually white. There is just a little bit of blue around the edge (kind of where his "elbow" would be). There are no red bumps but his uropods are red/orange and clearish aound the very edge.
I know this would be WAY easier with good pictures. Hopefully I will get some soon!
sorry typo but i'm gonna stick with Gonodactylus chiragra untill you get better pics
Well that kinda concerns me. When I got him I was thinking it was a much smaller species. If he is in fact a Chiragra I may have to get rid of him. He will be MUCH to big for a 12gal. don't you think?
12G is a little small for one and the glass may be a little thin too(they are very strong and vicious). I'd be willing to take him I have a tank (36 gallons with 1/2" glass) if your going to get rid of him. But before you do try and get better pics to post so you can be sure what spicies it is.


Well I got some more pics today on his regular evening stroll. They still are not very good. The screen on my camera is busted so it is REALLY hard to get a decent shot. I am just going to post one. If you click on it you should be directed to my Picasa album with a few more.
Thanks again!
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
can't really tell but I'ma stand with my ID. Do you have acrylic on the bottom of the tank? if not he might break the bottom?