Some of my Zoas


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Please forgive the poor shots, wanted to put up some pics of my zoas in Japan.

Grateful for any opinions/comments.


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I will say they are beautiful and that I wish they were mine! Lost everything in a tank crash a few months ago!


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They are in a holding tank at the moment pending a move at the end of next month so not a lot to see, the tank is just a regular 24x12x15 with a Tunze nanostream 2025 for circularion, a Tunze nano skimmer and lit by a phoenix 150W MH. All hooked up to a cooler. I have been collecting these for ages and they will be the main focus in my new tank when I have moved. Will be posting pics of that build as it happens.

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Looking good Matt! Hope to see these in person before too long.

Thanks for looking after the Flameback for me. Looking forward to catching up next week. :)