Sponges on mangroves


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If sponges grow on the roots of mangroves, will this hurt the mangrove in any way? I have heard of sponges growing on the roots located in swamps, but as of yet not heard of them growing this way in captivity. This may just be because there are not many in my area with mangroves at all! What types of sponges grow on the roots? Also, I visited this store called Greenhouse Hydroponics, and they had a wide selecton of Halides to choose from, many over 400 watts! They are specialy created for growing plants inside. Most of the lamps have a Kelvin rating of 4000. Would this be appropriate for mangroves? If so, does anyone know where I could by large amounts of reef mud for my upcoming mangrove swamp tank? Its is going to be about 60 gallons.
I don't know about your first spounge question but I can answer your others!:)

4000K is good for mangroves they can live just fine on that but if you're going to get a mega watt halide 400+ you're going to want to acclimate the little trees to the light.

Billsreef sells a good mud for cheap. if you're buying large amounts I'm sure he can hook you up. I used his mud and I'm very pleased with it. oh yea the url... www.billsreef.com
They'll be fine with sponges. Julian Sprung mentions trying to get button polyps and small anemones growing on the roots of his mangroves, which provides a pretty authentic look.
Ok. I was just worried that they might prevent nutrient intake or something of the sorts.
I will sure try to. I dont have a digital camera or a scanner, but I will probably use one of those kodac cameras with the digital software.