SPS Coloration Time after introduction of new frags


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I recently aquired 10 new frags. Approx 2 weeks ago. How long does it typically take to get full color back? The frags looked amazing prior to shipping. 2 died in shipping as the water leaked out of the containers/ I have other SPS in the tank with no issues. Out of the 10 frags, probably 2 are doing fine. Others are pale.

Tank parameters
175 gallon bow front
2 years old tank
Dkh 8
Ph 8.15
Ca 420 ppm
Phosphate .03
Dosing via 2 part method
GHL Mitras LED lights
Pohl's Coral Vitalizer 8 drops daily
Two Little Fishes Phosban
Activated Charcoal
Reef Octopus SS3000 Skimmer
HY10000 Water Blaster Return Pump
3 Tunze pumps
Red Sea Pro Salt

Will lowering the corals help with coloration? Are the Mitras too powerful?


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it may take a few weeks, could try lower lilght levels, I noticed a shaded portion is more colorful then others.


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I have had frags for months that turned brown and are just starting to gain color now. Could try amino acids if you dont dose it already seemed to help some of mine


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Just give it time. For instance I bought 12 frags about 9 weeks ago and most are just starting to color up. My Cali Tort has been colored up for 2 weeks now but my yellow tort is still very pale but on its way. The frags also came from a t5 tank and I light with radiums. So lighting changes flow changes chemistry fragging on and on.


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Depending on what corals you have and lights they came form it may take longer time to adjust to your lighting and water parameters. a little research on each piece will help out and eliminate any guessing.


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My experience has been days, weeks and many months. Frags seem to lose color from the stress of shipping, adjustments from tank to tank differences in lighting, flow and parameters. I have had two frags from the same mother respond totally differently in different parts of the tank. I think the only answer is patience. It is likely that some frags are better dealing with all of these stressors than others. I believe that maricultured have the worse track record but sometimes it's just hard to understand the responses that we witness


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Quick question; you state your dkh is 8 but you use Red Sea coral pro which has a dkh of 12, its that correct?! I only ask to clarify and better help you color up you're sticks.


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Normally if everything is stable in the tank it will take a few weeks to a months but it just depends on how happy the coral is.


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Frags corals are always a mystery. They changes colors after you put them in the tank. I prefer to buy corals from propagation of an existing tanks. There is more chances that they will not change the colors