Starfish ID help please


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I found this guy on a piece of live rock from my LFS. What is it and is it reef safe? Thanks


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Could be a linkia sp. which if it is, would require ALOT of live rock since they eat the biofilm which forms on such surfaces.



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linkia multiflora-it is reef safe and one of the easiest to keep in captivity.You scored!
Cool! It's shaped just like a linkia but I've never seen this color. Its a pretty durable creature though. I found it on this rock over a month ago and tossed it in my frag tank wich is cycleing up. I didn't want to put it in my main tank because I wasn't sure if it was reef safe. Thanks for your help if it survived this long in this frag tank its going to be in hevin in my main tank.


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FYI,they are also called "Dalmation Starfish". If it drops a leg and reproduces,which they frequently do-PM me :)


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Totally awesome! Hope it does well for you. It's always good to get a good hitchiker. :D


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Had one in my tank for along time - havent see it in a few months but let me tell you its really freaky to see one of its legs crawling around in the tank by itself!



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I agree, Linckia multiflora, and luck you are! The best Linckia out there in terms of likelihood to live.

Biofilm is a mish mash of "stuff" growing on LR...algal/bacterial films and the microscopic critters that feed on it.

Linckia do not appear to eat algae in the sense we know it - hair, slime, macros - and they do no appear to eat detritus. Both of these are in abundance in younger tanks and yet Linckia do not survive well in such systems. In general, Linckia can not be spot fed.

I believe all Linckia can reproduce via arm drops but it is more likely in this species in captivity because it appears to be easier to meet its needs. It is far less common in other Linckia in captivity, becuase most are likely on the edge of survival and death by starvation at any point, and therefor do not have the energy reserves to regenerate.