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I am still doing plenty of research for the lifestock in my 20 gallon. How would a linkia Starfish be? As of now.. I have live sand and live rock. Those starfish are my favorite. Anyone have experience with them or know more. I'd appreciate it. Thanks


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Linkias need a large amount of live rock to survive. They do not feed on the usual food we provide. I would not recommend one in a tank smaller than 200 gallons.
For a 20 gallon a serpent star will be OK as those really feed in whatever we offer. Other than that I would not recommend any star fish for a tank that size.


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I have had good luck with the commonly seen Fromia star in my nano. I did move him to the 75g, and I think I contributed significantly to his untimely demise with poor acclimation.

Sand-sifting stars, while rarely seen, are great in a nano for keeping the sand bed tidy.

But I do agree about the Linckia's; a no-go in a nano for most people.