Stock Tank Sump


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Hey guys: Thanks to the new house and my wife's generosity in turning over the basement to me... I get to setup things however I like. I plan on keeping my 120 main tank going and adding into it a 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank as a sump with my old sump (50 gallon custom by Summers) as the refugium somehow plumbed all together. I have a 1.5'' drain and 1'' return in the built in overflow. Anyone have good pictures as to how you setup a 100 gallon stock tank plumbed as your sump to a main show tank? I just ordered new bulkheads and now I will head off to HD to pickup piping for the new setup. Any ideas would be great.
I can snap some photos of mine later on tonight or tomorrow am. The 100g rubbermaid tubs come with a bulkhead drain in them. I used this to plumb my return pump.
Hey lawdog, have you bought your stock tank yet? I have one, brand new, that I won't be using since my plans for the 125g have changed. Just haven't gotten around to making a for sale thread yet. I believe it was $65 new; I'd sell it for $45 just to get it out of my basement.
Darn... Already bought it at the local TSC Store. It was $65 new. Go ahead and snap it up MJ, I don't need two of them.
Oh wait. I'll pass. For some reason I read it backwards. I thought the seller was in Cleveland. It will cost me almost the $20 saved in gas, unless you want to bring it to a C-Sea meeting sometime.
Mine is a slightly different application as it is plumbed along the wall into the adjacent room. However, the theory is the same.

Here are a couple of pics. (Its not the neatest setup but its working!)