Stocking Livestock in 240gal Mixed Reef


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I just got my 240 gal tank and started working on the complete makeover (comsetic, filtration, ect). Not much as of now (besides beefing up the stand, sanding it/staining it..) because I'd rather spend a month or two reading up on as much as I can before jumping into it. I already have a stocked 72 gal mixed reef which will eventually be moved to the 240 and then used for a QT. Once again, I'm in no hurry on this build....just thinking "adding fish" to keep myself motivated :thumbsup: I plan on having an overkill sump/fuge for this system. Been thinking about incorporating a DIY algea turf scrubber with a skimmer as needed (not running 24/7). Still reading on this subject...right now everything seems to be an option.

Ok, eventually, once everything in my new tank is stable and I feel comfortable adding some livestock I'd like to have the following large fish:

Blue Hippo Tang
Yellow Tang (already in my 72 gal)
Moorish Idol (I would love one but realistically, there is still just so much to read on them before making that decision)

Which order should I introduce these? How long should I wait before introducing the next fish?

What are some smaller fish that "school" other than green chromis? I've heard purple firefish will school with 5 or more....I want at least a 7-10 fish school in my tank...any other ideas?

What other types of other small reefsafe fish might I be interested in? Any suggestions?

Already have in my 72gal

Coral Beauty
Engineer Goby (my favorite in the tank but can be a real pain for aquascaping ! :lol2:)
True Clown pair
B/W clown pair (probably will end up in my 24gal nano for now)
Yellow Tang
Strawberry dottyback (would this and a Royal Gramma get along?)


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In larger tanks I think shoals of anthias look amazing. I would look into getting a group of females in there.