Storing Live Sand


New member
Will sand be ok to store for over a year? I was planning on putting it in 5 gal buckets with lids, until I can get my new tank set up. But that won't be until after the new house is built.

You will need to provide the buckets with oxygen and top off to maintain salinity. An airstone will work well along with manually RO water to compensate for evaporation. I would not put a lid on the bucket as it will not allow oxygen. A year is a long time to maintain your sand. If is was me, I would just rinse your sand with a hose until the water is clean. Store the sand and make it "live" when you add it to your new system.
The organisms inside the sand needs exactly what everything else in the tank needs to survive, so you can store it for that long as long as you give it everything it needs to survive just like what you will have to do with fish and so on.