Stupid Bubble Question


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I have watched and read TONS of info about refugium/sumps, skimmers and such, and I want to know what is the deal with bubbles and why they are NOT wanted? Bubble traps and such are used to keep them out of the DT. Yeah I am THAT new. my HOB filter is all I have now with powerheads. whats the bubble deal???


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Some people don't like the look and some say they bother fish or corals....Lots of fine bubbles in the ocean... I have some and they don't bother the fish, coral or me. :)


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my sump has no bubble traps in it and i have no issuses with bubbles in the DT. i cant find any at all. also i feel bubble traps will only work with larger bubbles i would think the water flow would carry the micro bubbles anyway


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Wow I was just going to post a thread about bubbles. However I kinda like the type you get with an air stone. And the medium kind not small. I once checked out this tank that had medium size bubbles coming out of the rock. It looked pretty cool. I don't know if I would run all the time. And not like a FW tank either. I mean slow medium bubbles along the rock line about half way up or almost near the top. Does anybody have air stones in their DT?