Sump Baffle size


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I have a standard 10 gallon sump, how wide should I have the baffles cut, The tank is 10 in wide so I was thinking 9 3/4in wide to make sure that it fits...maybe a little wider??


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That's what I did, basically giving myself 1/4" to span with silicone. What happened in reality though, is the glass shop could not make the cuts accurately, and there were some areas that were more narrow than I wanted them. But it turned out to be OK - the silicone was able to span the gaps with no problems.


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I used acrylic for mine, so I was able to measure it myself to make sure it fit right.

One think to keep in mind is the bottom of the sump. Mine has a bead of silicone around it, so I cut the corners of the baffles at a 45* angle to account for it. That allowed the baffle to be flat across the bottom.

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