sump info


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Would like infor for a sump, set-up, design, for a 180gal, What would be the best size for the size of a tank? (That way I can look for a used tank that size at the sell on Sun). I would like to
have a sump, refuge(for copepods), chiller, Do I need a UV, Some say yes, some say no. I really should know so I don't have to break in the plumbing afterwards to try to fit one in later. Want to go to the sell on Sunday, would be better if I can have a list of what I need, size, so on. May be if you have a tank that is 72in long you can give me an ideal of how you have yours set up.
Thank you for your help.
Would a 55 gallon tank fit under it? I think that would be a good size. My tank is 72" long but everything is in the basement as far as filtering goes. A 75 would be even better but it might be too wide.

I have a 90g tank with a 55g sump. So I would say the sump is really up to you. How much room do you have?? How much total water volume do you want?? Lager sump, you means larger skimmer ect.... So it's really up to you more or less.
I'm very new at this, so all ofwhat I know is read off info site, and infor from unreputable LFS IL side.So I may not know any thing at all., Should the sump be a certain percentage of the main tank? The inside of the stand is 69:14longx 21:04 front to back, and 25:03 high. there is probly an other three or four inches above that , I just measure to the bottom of the top support brace. I can put all most every thing in the sump right. heater, skimmer, then is it suppose to go the canister for machical filtration, and then to the chiller and from there to the UV sterilizer then to the tank. I probly totally con fussed on this, Will I be able to get all of this to fit in there? Or do people usally have several different pumps for certain different jobs and tie them in altogether?