Sump Question


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Hey Guys and Gals, Im upgrding my system to a system that includes a sump. My LFS says the sumps they use are just 20gallon tanks with no baffles. Currently I use a JB auto top off with one float switch in my 46 gallon bow. Its worked perfectly for 4years. I did have to cover the switch with a small plastic cage since my snails like to clean it and activate the pump. Question is. Will a sump with no baffles still show my evap water level or will I need to have the float in my new tank still?? Or is it necessary to have baffles in my sump for this to work?

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I like to have at least one baffle to keep the water level constant in the skimmer section. Even slight water level changes effect the way your skimmer produces foam, so keeping at a constant water level is important. The float switch for your ato would go in the return pump section where you will have water level fluctuations.


Yes it will still show evap. However you will want one baffle at least to have a level water level somehwere for a skimmer. they prefer steady water levels.

And then as mentined above the float goes in the second chamber(following water flow)/return pump section


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If he/she uses an ATO, the water level should remain constant enough for the skimmer, unless the ATO is allowing wide swings in the water level before kicking on/off.

You might want to consider adding baffles in case you want to create a refugium, though, and many skimmers will create bubbles, so some people like to add a double-baffle bubble trap to keep them out of the DT.

That said, the algae that grows on my powerheads produces bubbles that periodically get released into the powerheads and blown around the tank, so I'm not sure that what does or doesn't come from the sump matters much.