T.derasa clam filter


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I had an article forwarded to me to help in some research on clams. The question of the utility of clams as filters in aquaria arises frequently. This article identified T.derasa as a good choice for filtration given it's nutrient uptake and growth in aquaculture effluent compared to T. gigas,maxima and squamosa.
This article(J. shellfish research 2001; Sparsis et al) had a small sampling and was for 2 months duration only. The second part of the study addressed nutrient uptake(nitrate & phosphate). More efficient removal was noted during the 12hr light period as opposed to darkness. T.derasa had higher uptakes but were comparable to other species when size was considered.
Overall, clams can be used as efficient filters. T.derasa being a better choice based on growth, survivorship and nutrient uptake.
I'm still looking for articles that address #clams per square ft of tank space to determine size of biofilter needed to process nutrients.
I read an article on that once.

Some dude had tons of derasa's in the sump...

You can try it, but It would be one mighty expensive fuge:D
I thought the gigas grows at a faster rate? So you would think it would take up more? But a Derasa will take in more nutrients. WOW!
I'm plumbing two tanks together to a common sump, a 150 will have quite a few fish. The 70 cube will have have quite a few clams, & a variety of seagrasses as well as a few SPS & LPS. It will basically be an extremely fancy & expensive refugium for my larger tank. :D

The 150 will be set-up for a few months before I get the 70 plumbed into it so hopefully I'll be able to document nutrient uptake. It won't be nearly scientific, but I'm guessing I'll see a difference.
Not yet, it's actually shipping tomorrow! I'm extremely excited, I've known I was going to plumb the two together but have changed my mind so many times on what kind of life will go in what tank, and how they will work together. I think the new plan should work really well. The 150G will have the fish I've always wanted but couldn't have because I've always had reefs. It'll also have some LR & maybe a few corals that won't get munched. Probably a 3" sand bed for aesthetics. The 70G cube will be clams (thanks for the derasa tip), SPS, some sea grasses & a DSB. LR, of course. A couple strong lights on the cube, two 175W 10,000K on the 150.

What do ya think?
Thanks. BTW I love your website. I've spoken with you a couple times about lights. You'll get some of my money in a few months. :D