T5 retrofit for flat back hex canopy


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I didn't want to hijack 007's thread, but I have some additional T5 questions.

Does anyone have a Tenecor flat back hex 90 gallon - and if you changed to T5s, what light system did you get to fit the canopy?

I don't want an all in one hanging fixture because I want to house the lights in the canopy, but anyone with a flat back hex knows that the shape can be a problem.

The tank itself is 60 x 18, but because of the shape, I only have about a 43 x 9 rectangle of real estate on the lid to play with. (Though I think I can cut a piece out of the canopy without compromising its integrity. About 2 inches off the ledge where the 2 x 4 is resting.) Here are a couple of pics of the canopy:



I was looking at these lights


which will fit if I cut the canopy. All T5. Opinions? And its all right for T5 to be roughly 2 or 3 inches from the acrylic top of the tank? Isnt' it?