Tall tank stand design help


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Building a new tank stand. I think I want to build the base tall.

42 inches to be exact. I already use a step stool to reach in my current tank. New tank will be 24inches tall. Think I will truely regret this?

Anybody have a tall base stand?


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Personally, I think 42" is too tall for my taste. That will most likely be completely above eye level from a seated position. Also depending on the dimensions front to back (a narrow footprint), top heaviness stability may become a concern, especially if it's going on soft carpeting rather than solid flooring. Finally, that comes out to the the top of your tank being 5.5 ft. off the ground... that's quite the reach! Finally, a shorter stand will probably make your tank appear to be bigger.

All that being said, it's certainly doable and up to your personal taste. Heck, build it @ 42in., show pics of your sweet setup, and prove me wrong :)