tank/corals for sale part 2


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Please read my other post first tanks/corals for sale part 1

Pic 10) Not sure what this coral its about 6 inches tall it has some dead tips but with a little pruning it will look great or you could get at least 8 or 9 10 inch frags 50$


Pic 11) This was my center piece it is a purple monti about 15 inches long by 11 inches wide with multiple shelves with in it. I would like $100 for this there are some dead spots you could frag it out or take it and its growing over the dead spots where a coral feel on it. If you want it as a whole you will be responsible for removing it.


Pic 12) orange monti abput 11 inches round very nice piece 80 $ for this again you are responsible for removing it off the rock. the coral to the left of the acro is about 5 inches round and about 5-6 inches tall 50$


Pic 13) Toadstool coral about 8 inches round 75$


Pic 14) Not sure of this coral its about 4 inches round $60



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Please pm me of corals that you would like and we can set a time for pickup

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