Tank set up for eclipse 6??

Jared Cooper

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I apologize for the many questions of mine you've seen on the board.

I was wondering, should I trash my bio wheel, or even the whole filter set up? I plan on having a 4" sand bed, some live rock, and a pipe for a burrow burried in the sand. One idea I had was to put some LR rubble in the eclips filtration area that normally housed carbon and a polyfilter. I would use some LR rubble currently in my reef tank sump which is full of sponges in the eclipse system. I figured I'd add a small powerhead as well as calurpa.

Any more suggestions I could use 'em, do you agree or disagree with my set up??
I removed my biowheel in my eclipse 6. I did however leave the normal filter in there and continue to use the regular filter cart with carbon. I noticed a drop in my nitrates with the bio-wheel gone and I have a 6 inch sandbed which he has dug down to the bottom of the tank, it was interesting to watch this 7-9 pound rock slowly drop lower and lower over time.
I did not remove my biowheel or my filter in my eclipse 6 just make sure you clean out your filter ( every 2-3 months) but I have fish in mine. I have 2 pieces of live rock and a 2" sandbed.
Jared Cooper--I dont have a power head in my tank Becuse it is doing just fine.Oh yeah I agree with your set up. but where are you going to place your plastic tube? I suggest that you put it in the front so you can see your mantis.I have one more question what kind of mantis do you have?
I thought I'd place the plastic tube in the back right corner, pointing diaganaly. I don't have a mantis yet but I am going to hopefully get one tommarrow if the store is open :D They told me that they had a yellow spearer, about 3 1/2 inches long. It is an hour drive so I'll just have to take thier word on it. This store said they get mantis shrimps in every two weeks.
I bagged the bio-wheel, but kept the cartridge on mine & things are fine. I don't see a need for additional water movement, as there is plenty from the filtration unit, especially without the bio-wheel. Just keep up with water changes & you'll do fine.

by the way, I removed the bio wheel from a 12 gal eclipse as well.
To me a 6 is just too small to keep stable water conditions,especially when you add in the water displaced by the live rock and then the wastes and unseen food scraps.I used a 3 gallon walmart starfish set on top of a 10 gallon tank with lr,dsb and caulerpa,removed the filtration unit entirely.I drilled the side of the 3 gal and used fittings and o rings from HD to make an outflow and put a mj 250 in the 10 with a return to the bottom of the 3.Works perfect plus the added capacity and refugium keep water quality near perfect.Had to do this for my GF who had to have a chocolate chip star, horseshoe crab and blue leg hermits,none of which I want in my reef or mantis tanks.
Just an idea for you if you have the space to do it.Total cost including the tank and powerhead was under 25.00.
sounds like a good idea to me. I just wish I had the space. If my 6 gallon turns out to be too unstable then I think I will just hook it up to my main 120 gallon system under the hood. But i'd rather have it in my home office.
As long as you keep up with waterchanges,and wash out the filter every couple of days you should keep a handle on the nitrates.For me I go for ease of maintenance,so it never becomes a chore that I hate doing.
Well I just hooked my 6 gallon up to my main tank. I have a small drip coming from the bulkhead that I'll have to fix tommarrow. I got an awsome yellow spearer. I have no idea what kind it is. I'll post a picture so the Dr. can identify it.