Tank set up


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Hey guys, greetings from down under, this is my first post, so here goes.
Im currently setting up a 145gal (6x2x2) marine tank.
I plan on keeping fish & corals.
At this stage i feel that a 4" DSB is the way to go but at the moment all Ive purchased is the cabinet, so lots of researching & reading to be done, busy busy busy.
At this point Im stuck on the sump, not sure of the design yet, but Ive got a bit of room in the cabinet, (66"Lx21"Wx29H) so the world is my osyter, pardon the punt.
Ive looked at a few sites & have a few idea's, but would appreciate some other advice that I may need to consider in regards to the size of compartments in the sump that may benefit the filtration system.
I also plan on having a Durso stand pipe in each corner, so im a little unsure if Ill tee those pipes in together under the tank or just run one pipe in at a time, your advice would be much appreciated on this. Thanks guys, got lots of other Questions about the set up, but 1 step at a time hey.
I have a 90 gallon with a Pro Clear Aquatics 150 sump with built in skimmer. I am running a Mag Drive return pump rated at 500 gph through a twist 3x uv sterilizer before returning to the tank. I would run each pipe in individually.
Thanks for the advice, yes Ive visited melev site, very informative & spectacular tanks, but Im still a little confused on the size of the sump for my size tank, ie: size of each compartment including refugium? As i mentioned, the internal dimentions of the cabinet is 66"Lx21WX29H, so ive got a bit of room in there. Thanks again Fred. regards Dave