The watercraft & boat thread


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Who has em'?

I'm more of a Yamaha pwc person but I love taking the boat out every so often to cruise.

I've had a bunch of Superjets, this was the last one I sold. Wish I didn't. Sold it to a Canadian for my asking price in January of 2013.

My new ski (ignore disgusting garage, it's been sprayed and cleaned since these pics and hood is already primed for paint):

Just bought this Polaris for a motor, but after 5 minutes of diagnosis, it only needs a driveshaft and coupler so it'll be flipped (again, ignore my shop's landlord's junk cars):



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28' Chaparral cruiser:


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We have a 26' Pearson we keep at the Canoe Club.

Pardon the appearance; it's before she got her annual cleaning/waxing I think from last spring..... Which I keep delaying because of the cold this season, too!


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