To much flow ??


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So tonight I am cleaning my Hydor Korlia's they are soaking in vinegar as we speak my tank is 60 cube 24x24x24 my return gives off alot of flow, I also have 2- korlia 2's and 2 korlia 3's . The tank is mostly SPS ,so I'm wondering is there such thing as to much flow ? Because as these power heads are soaking in vinegar I noticed very good PE on the SPS . Much better then normal , soooo do I cut down the flow ? What do you think ? Thanks James


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When I turn off my pumps, my leather and frogspawn really spread out. I think it's just a reaction to the lack of flow more than an indication that those conditions are better. The leather in particular is supposed to be happy with high flow.

Is that what your SPS are doing?



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For sps you can almost never have too much flow, however, none of the ph's should be pointing directly at the corals. (LPS can have too much flow) With that many ph's in a tank that small, it must be tough not to have direct flow, just be careful about it. You should get pe regardless of all that flow. Can you post any pics, w/ and w/o the ph's all going?