Too excited too wait


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So my buddy text me a little bit ago saying that my new lights are at his house waiting for me!!!
I got 3 AI Sol Super Blues.... Which I believe are the same as sol blues? It has the same LEDs in it so idk why the name that's just what the distributor said. So we'll see. I also went with the new controller.
It took me forever on army pay to save up for these things! I can believe they went up in price! In Ventura at lfs they run 425$! But I got a good deal.

Any of you guys run sol's? Any advice coming off of 6 wavepoint T5. Which for the past month it's been 4 bulbs because I knew I was getting LEDs.

I will be putting them on a 120 4x2x2 with dual back overflows and a center brace. My thinking is put the 2 side ones parallel to the front glass and the center front to rear? How's that sound with center brace being plastic think that will block most of the light?
I have this weekend to transfer my 90 to the 120. I will be using a 90 gallon sump if it's not too tall. It's a standard 90 48x18x21 I believe I have to take the center brace off the top of the stand to drop it in. Hopefully it fits good.

Buy any advice on transferring in 1 day would be appreciated I've done swaps in one day before but for some reason I'm nervous this time new lights new tank not live sand.... Maybe I'm just stressing.

But any advice is welcome thanks guys.


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When moving to LEDs, especially from t5 that you ran with partial bulbs, be sure to start at 30% intensity if you don't want to fry your corals. LEDs put out more light even though they don't seem as bright


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I ran a SOL blue for about 18 months (I just switched to the AI Vega) over my 50 gallon cube. I would strongly recommend borrowing a PAR meter and initially matching the PAR output of your current wavepoint lighting, slowly increasing the light 5% a week. Going much faster risks bleaching out your corals. I would mount the lights 3 across with the 12" wide dimension running front to back and 10" between the lights side to side. You will get a more even lighting coverage that way. Good luck!


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Thanks reefpharmer and Thegun I'll hit up my buddy on the parmeter. I was planning on starting the first 2 weeks at all 30 then slowly up first blues 10% then royal blues 5% on the 3rd week. And just take it slowly I'd hate to kill my coral with lights my wife would flip she doesn't understand most of this stuff.


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I'm tempted to drive 2hours north tonight to pick the lights up and play with them on my floor all night till I pass out like a little kid then wake up and drive back up there and pick the "new to me" 120 up and come straight back and get to work