toying with an idea...opinions


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Ok i like the looks of caulerpa and other natural algeas

iam considering setting up an TEMPORARY outdoor salty setup to grow massive amounts of algea during the summer to convert my FOWLR tanks to "planted" algea tanks

i realize in oklahoma in the summer time it would require daily(hourly) top offs because of evaperation and i will use tank water from water changes to supply the nutrients for the algeas to grow,

ideas/suggestions/opinions wanted
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Sounds cool. There is a great deal to consider when planning an outdoor tank but please keep us posted!


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Caulerpa is very invasive, and If you put it in your displays it'll most likely take over the whole tank and you won't be able to get rid of it. Do you have many large herbivores in your aquariums? There are other less weedy options for macroalgae, such as the dragon's breath stuff, gracillaria, ulva, etc. You want to set up temporary tanks outside just to reproduce algae to put into your displays? IMO I don't think it'd be worth it as the algae probably wouldn't grow much faster outside as opposed to indoors, and you'll have more trouble heating/cooling the outdoor aquariums. How big of tanks are we talking?


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my tanks consist of large and drawf angels, tangs, puffers, triggers, wrasses, scat, foxface/rabbitfish and other smaller fishes depending on tank

tanks include
210g (7ft)
175g bowfront (6ft)

outside iam concidering a 300g cattle water tub(poly)

as far as taking over...thats the general idea of the "project so to speak", i want it to look like a "jungle"


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A jungle, yeah? Get grape caulerpa and give them something to climb on, like rock piles as towers, so they grow upwards and not just crowd the floor. I use them for my refugium. When these things grow, they GROW, and can literally choke out everything. You'll be pruning and harvesting frequently.

Here's my refugium, pruned monthly: