Triggers - Feeding times

Nick M.

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My wife really doesn't want anything to do with my tank. I'm considering a trigger and currently have two fish (Coral Beauty/Long Nose Hawk) which I feed once per day in the evening.
I assume with a bigger fish like a trigger I need to feed more often right? Can I get away with daily or will it have to be multiple times a day?
Vacations will be tough huh?


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actually, when triggers are small a daily feeding is fine, once they get a little bigger you can feed them every other day.


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I would actually try to feed twice daily forever or you could have one nasty trigger on your hands. A hungry trigger is a naughty trigger. Also what size tank is this dude going in? If it is 75g or less your asking for trouble with your other fish.

Nick M.

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I have a 92 gal corner tank. Looking at less aggressive species like Bluechin or Sargassum. Also, I heard the Eheim digital auto feeder is good, so I may get one of those for extra/vacation feedings. Thanks for the input.


In Memoriam
i feed my undulated trigger once a day, a fat fish is a heathy fish,
twice a day some times, also the two fish you have now realy arnt a good mix with a trigger, id worry about them.