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LFS normally doesn't trans-ship, but his supplier begged him to "rescue" her current batch that another LFS didn't have room for. Ended up getting quite a bit of this stuff in as a hitchhiker. Asked for a small sprig of it to pop in my 20g long frag/grow-out tank.

From what I've read so far, it doesn't seem to be too successful of a macro in our home systems. :(

From google serches, etc... I think it's a type of Turbinaria, although it didn't match any of the pics of the more well-known types.

More pics! I love that genus, we get turbinaria turbinata washed up on the local beaches during the winter time. I had a nice plant in my macro tank for some while, then changed it over to more corals dominated and I tossed it. Lets see some pics of the one you got bluenassarius!
It's standing up now. That pic was just after I tossed it in the frag tank.

Gotta go back to LFS on monday for his shipment of Oyster Eggs, and I'm gonna try to get more now that I know what it is. Just got this single free sprig to investigate it.

The marble tile to the left is 2" sq. for a size comparison.
Went back & got a 2nd small portion (all they had). He said they told him it was a tranship from Tonga. He prob had more, but got tons of LR in and was scrubbing it off in a hurry it get it all in his curing tanks, so who knows what algae didn't make it. He usually sells fully cured rock without much on it.

Hopefully I can keep this stuff happy & growing. This stuff survived beign shipped with transhipped mushroom colonies, so hopefully it stays that hardy ;)