two skimmers for one tank?


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I have a SRO 2000 int for my 110 gallon, and it's great.
It's rated for up to 200 gallon not highly stocked. I may be getting up to a 275 gallon for my next tank (replacing the 110). I'd use the skimmer for a while til the tank is passed 1/2 stocking of life. I"m thinking that's ok.
Is it possible for a while at least to use two skimmers once it gets heavier stocked? Or is it possible the SRO2000 will be enough (it wasnt cheap :-/ )?

I have an older aquac 150 rated I think for a low-moderate stocked 120-150 gallon I can add on. It seems to me ideally is one large skimmer as different skimmers would likely operate differently on the same concentration of organics in the water.

Anyone else using 2?



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I'd run them both and see how it goes. You might have to play with skimmer height using blocks or PVC pipe to raise one of them if they don't have the same ideal depth, but that's easy stuff.

I've never used two skimmers at the same time, but I can't see how it's a bad thing. Plus, you have an extra if one breaks down. I think the only negatives are the possible height adjustment and the cost of sump space.


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I used to use two Euroreefs (eons ago) because I bought a bigger one and figured might as well run the small one as well. They both did well; if you don't have a budget for a big-boy skimmer, it can really help.

One problem can be overskimming, leaving little necessary nutrients in the tank, but that seems beyond rare.


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Yes for sure you can run two skimmers, three skimmers or whatever. They operate on their own.
Yet also skimmers are ok, they are not all they are cracked up to be. Yes they will help remove nutrients from the system, but lately many of us refers are doing less and less skimming.

My first reef had a huge ETS 800 tower skimmer in a 90gal tank running a 1/2H pool pump to drive it. Now my current SPS dominate tank has a skimmer but I only turn it in at night. My next tank my not even have a skimmer

You probably will be just fine with what you got now.