Two UFO's sighted for last month. Starfish?

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These two (hitch hikers) have shown up in our 90 gallon tank about a month ago. We only see these occasionally, on the glass before the lights are first turned on in the afternoon. The lighting in both tanks doesn't come on until mid-afternoon, as we enjoy having the time to view the two tanks later at night. These are obviously nocturnal, or detest strong light.

Are these juvenile sand-sifting starfish? Or.. other "baby" starfish regenerating after being "mauled" before, or after, some "accidental" introduction to the tank (starfish can regenerate extremely well).

Look like some teeny-tiny starfish to me, but my experience with these critters were in the Pacific Ocean, a commercial aquarium, ..&...NOT a small reef tank. If these are starfish....are they desireable? Came in with live rock? Anyone have a clue as to what kind...or...or?

The finger shows how tiny these guys are at present.


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Those are Asterina Stars. Most get rid of them. They can multiply very quickly and some kinds eat zoas. Personally, I wish I had them. My Harlequin Shrimp would love them!

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howze01...Darn! Looked these guys up. Your I.D. was most helpful, albeit disappointing. Thanks, for the information.