Uni seal question


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go to www.aussieglobe.com , they're the US distributor of uniseals as far as I know, they have all the hole sizes on there. they're generally 3/4" bigger than the pipe so 1.25" sounds right.


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Yep 1 1/4" is correct, for both 1/2" and 3/4". Remember theres the rubber of the uniseal that adds to the diameter

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Re: Uni seal question

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What size hole do I need to make for use with a .5" uni seal?
Be advised that there is more than one manufacturer of the device you are referring to as a 'uni-seal'.
So it may serve you well to actually have them in-hand before you purchase the wrong size hole cutter, or cut the wrong size hole.
(don't ask me how I know this) :D