Upgrading my lighting


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Okay so Im getting ready to set up my 180 gallon. Im wanting to replace my old spider reflectors with something better. There are a lot of choices and need some help figuring out which one would work best for me. It will be a standard 180 gallon (72x24x24). This tank will be SPS dom. with some clams(maybe). Im looking at the LumenBrights but there are a few different ones as well as the LumenMax. I have an exsisting canopy(it can be moved up and down if need be because it does hang from the ceiling) I will be putting the new reflectors in I think I have 15 inches between the sets of T5's(canopy has 4 T5s on each side for a total of 8 T5s for supplements). So other than the reflectors Im also looking at ballast. Im was thinking the Lumatek Ballast but not sure if these are good(Would like them if I was to decide to use them on the 400W setting)? Would like input on which combo to get, as well as what you guys use. Thanks!


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My setup includes LumenMax 3 with Lumatek ballast and Phoenix Bulbs. Great growth, good color, and plenty of light at the bottom for clams.

Good luck in your selection.


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Lumenbright Mini's about 12-15" over the water would work nicely. The bulbs and ballast should match, so it depends on what bulbs you want to run. I personally like Radium 250w 20K and Phoenix 250w 14K on M80 ballasts, these are a bluish-white bulb with high PAR/PPFD. You can run them on the electronic ballasts, but you won't get near as much pop in your colors (to your eyes).


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Thanks for the responses, anyone else? Im thinking Ill run a single end bulb. Whats the difference between the LumenMax 2 and the LumenMax Elite other than size? What height should they be hung at? Thanks!