Velocity pumps?


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i have used the velocity T2 in the past. Very very quite pump, the only thing i did not like about this pump it runs warm, and in turn heats your water. i noticed a 2-3 degree difference after i stopped using the velocity and went to my current panworld return pump

Todd March

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Quiet, quiet, quiet...! These are about as silent as an external pump is going to get... They are also very compact and have a nice small footprint...

However, they do run hot, so if your system runs hot, and you have to work at keeping it cool, these pumps are not the wisest choice...

Personally, my apartment is always around 70F, so I utilized the Velocity to actually help me heat the water, to help the heater from being on constantly. I would say these pumps added 2-3F to my tank at worst... I have heard some say 5F, but that was not my experience...

I also found my Velocity to be very reliable in the two years that I used it...


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I have two T2s, the oldest being 7+ years old, and I love them. The old one still runs as quiet as the day I bought it. Yes they are warm to the touch, but haven't had any tank temp issues with them. My metal halides add a lot more heat to the tanks then these pumps. When/if either one stops working I will get another one without thinking.


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they are GREAT pumps, tons of headpressure.

as mentioned before, if your tank is running rather warm before adding it, you may need to invest in a chiller after adding one. i know that i did.



Reef Monkey
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Compact, quiet and very reliable. I have a T2 that's a couple years old and a T4 that's a little over a year old. I have to agree that they do run hotter than most pumps, but I just hooked up a 120mm computer fan to blow cool air on it, and it doesn't seem to run significantly hotter than my Iwaki that has a built-in fan. I also have a chiller, so a few extra degrees isn't really a problem.


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I hate to resurect this, but I just got my tank running and yes my T4's are both running so hot that the water would almost be too hat to bath in. I am going to just have to get a chiller I guess...but that's not my biggest problem. I unpluged the one under the tank (other is on back for a CL) and was testing the power failure/water level...well, the pump will not come back on. Is it just too hot...or is it borken now from running so hot?

Also if It cools and starts running again, am I going to have to battle this all the time...or will a chiller keep it running cool and thus help keep the pump cool enough that it won't fail due to heat?

thanks in advance



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T4 here, dead silient, does add some heat you may have to compensate for depends on your system. I used to run two of them before I went to a closed loop for circulation. Running for over 3 years never taken down for cleaning, never failed to start. Can't image a better pump including the "heat" thing.